"The Love Of A Mother Triumphs Over the Virginia Tech Student Massacre by the Deranged, Cho Seun-Hui" by Ralph Zuranski

“The Love Of A Mother Triumphs Over the Virginia Tech Student Massacre by the Deranged, Cho Seun-Hui” by Ralph Zuranski

Isn’t it ironic that on the day my mom peacefully passed from this world into the next, the miracles we experienced that day helped my entire family to think positive and glorious thoughts about the wonderful times we had together. Laughter filled the kitchen as we remembered the wonderful and funny times we shared with my mom, as I cooked up her favorite meal…fresh salmon and asparagus with garlic simmered in virgin olive oil.

We as a family had to consciously make the choice to not focus on or even discuss the horrible evil that startled and shocked the world. Even still, our brainwashing from the TV is so strong, bits and pieces still penetrated our conversation like a deathly blow to the happiness celebrating my mom’s life and our gratitude for the ending of her 3 long years of suffering.

Often, it is so easy to become depressed, confused and hopless if we focus on the negative rather than the positive. Evil and negative thoughts occur naturally in the human mind.

You have to choose to be grateful before you can realize the good things in your life. Lovingly helping others without any expectation of return is a great way to see the good things in life and experience the joy created by serving others.

Being positive in the world today is difficult. If you watch TV, read newspapers or magazines and listen to radio talk shows you know what I mean. We are constantly being bombarded by the negative events that are occurring worldwide 24 hours a day seven days a week.

Yes, the massacre of the students at Virginia Tech by the mentally ill, Cho Seun-Hui was definitely a horrible tragedy. Hundreds of people, especially the families of the murdered and injured students and teachers, were devastated by the unconscionable acts of one evil, sick person. The consequences are awful and will last a life-time.

After such a tragedy, it is extremely hard to find the silver lining in the darkest clouds of suffering and pain. Grieving is an important part of the healing process when a loved one dies.

I know there are many people who are asking, “Why would God let such a terrible thing happen?”

The only answer I know is that God uses pain and suffering to help us grow as people, to become more unselfish and self-sacrificing…to have greater faith in His wisdom rather than our own. After taking care of my mom and dad for three years, I know how painful it can be to see the people you love suffer terribly and die unexpectedly.

After experiencing so many near death experiences with my parents, my conclusion is clear. Only God decides how long someone lives and the moment they die.

After being with my parents when they are sick, tired and depressed for so many years, I believe sudden death is a blessing for many and a sad but character building experience for those left behind. When someone you know dies, everyone is affected. It is your choice on how your react and your daily attitude…happy or sad, angry or peaceful, joyful or depressed, bitter or resigned.

Personally, my parents’ suffering transformed me into a kinder, gentle and more compassionate person. My epiphany was when I suddenly realized the most precious gifts in life are people. Our goal should be to make their lives better not worse, more joyful not sad, blessed not cursed. It is our individual choice on whether we are a part of the solution or the source of the problem.

After interviewing so many heroes, I now realize that most of them had to go through failure, sorrow and despair over and over again until they learned the hard lessons necessary to achieve their levels of success and happiness. Money, material possessions, alcohol, drugs are not the source of happiness. They have their places in life but taken to the extreme or used illegally are killers of life, relationships and happiness.

The key is to never give up. Don’t let anyone steal your dream. Every day do one thing that gets you closer to your goals…no matter how small or big.

To be continued…