Is Frank Kern INSANE, ON DRUGS or a true marketing GENIUS?

Is Frank Kern INSANE, ON DRUGS or a true marketing GENIUS?

At Rich Schefren’s recent Strategic Profits, Main Event Seminar, February 22-29th, 2008, Frank radically expanded the minds of the attendees, exploded their mental horizons. His long hair surfer dude persona, underachiever mentality and mass control philosophy freaked out many.

When Frank forced them to question their entire life perspective, needless to say, many people became emotionally agitated, psychologically threatened.

Was Frank just messing with their minds…manipulating their reality to sell them something? Or did he really believe in the value of what he was saying?

Was Frank just making a point on how people are like Pavlov’s dogs, salivating at the sound of a bell, or was this a truly transformational moment for everyone who experienced the tsunami of feelings.

Truly, it was almost like watching a batch of slimy, hermaphroditic earthworms, writhing in agony after being thrown onto the red hot, sizzling surface of a frying pan, scorched by a pulsating, blue gas flame.

As I watched the video again and again, I couldn’t believe my eyes.

The attendees reminded me of agitated, fidgeting puppets…jerked around by invisible strings controlled by a cruel, evil, manipulative and unseen demented puppet master. Many continually shifted in their seats, trying desperately to find a safe harbor of personal reality, to escape the frightening truths revealed by Frank that threatened the very core of their existence.

You could hear a audible gasp and feel the extreme tension of steel springs pulled straight by an incredibly powerful force when Frank told them that $1 million cash in the bank, a huge mansion, expensive cars, and the freedom to do whatever you want left him feeling empty, anxious and angry.

What in the world was Frank talking about? Had he suddenly gone insane? Was this the result of too many mind-altering drugs, excessive partying, oxygen-depriving, mind-numbing surfing wipe-outs or a gradual, long, drawn out process…the pathway to mental derangement?

Many were amazed…astounded when Frank said, “The world lied to me. Wealth, financial freedom and material possessions do not bring happiness.”

When Frank started to talk about PERSONAL SIGNIFICANCE, you could hear a pin drop.

Personal significance? What in the HELL is that anyway?

If money, material possessions and power are not the most important things in life, then what is?

Frank explained in a hushed voice, “Personal significance is doing the things that really matter on a daily basis. Spending time with family and friends, and doing what you love daily is the pathway to happiness and fulfillment. Working with people you know, love and trust, who feel the same way about you, should be the goal of every person.”

What do you think? Is Frank Kern insane, a mass control manipulative monster, a drugged-out surfing, skateboarding hippy weirdo throwback to the 60s or a true visionary and Pied Piper to a new emotionally fulfilling reality?

What is your perfect 24 hour day that well bring you peace, happiness, fulfillment and joy that you would live every day for the rest of your life?

Ralph Zuranski

PS Is John Reese a co-conspirator in this effort to rock the rich, elite, super-star Internet marketers worlds?