Defense Of “Be A Man” Video By Father Larry Richards Part 6


This is a defense of our Catholic faith that is taking place on our Catholic Brothers For Christ Youtube account where we posted the videos from the 2015 North Texas Catholic Men’s Conference. Father Larry Richards’ “Be A Man” video seems to be causing quite a bit of controversy.

25EllisDee25 response to +Catholic Brothers For Christ: the truth is, nobody can really know the extent of the pedophilia in the church, other than it greatly exceeds what has been admitted by the church. the person they put in charge to investigate was himself a pedophile!

+Catholic Brothers For Christ response t+25EllisDee25That is true but pedophilia is not predominantly centered in the Catholic Church. It is a world-wide sickness and problem in every culture where the sexual abuse of women and children is condoned. 

Is pedophilia a greater crime than abortion? Just look at what is happening in the middle east to Christian women and children. Is raping little girls and boys in the name of religion less of a crime?

The Catholic Church receives the greatest media coverage because of the hatred of the liberal, secular journalists, TV commentators and editors who are at war with God and His commandments. To focus on the Catholic Church is a little disingenuous don’t you think?