"Part Three: Change the World By Teaching Young People To Discover Their Own Heroic Potential" by Ralph Zuranski

This is Part Three of the article appeared in the Coronado Eagle-Journal Newspaper on August 9, 2006

Comic book writers, artists and publishers were focusing on
strong, positive, powerful messages that encourage honesty,
integrity, ethics, morality, courage, self-sacrifice,
innovation and perserverance. The Sci Fi TV Channel teamed
up with Nash Entertainment to produce a reality show, “Who
Wants To Be A Superhero?” The focus is on real humans doing
good things for others and working to become a better

The ABC Family channel is producing a TV series named,
“Fallen,” based on the hit books by Tom Sniegoski. It is a
classic battle of good versus evil that chronicles the
pehnomenal journey of an 18-year old who struggles to come
to terms with his newly discovered identity. He is drawn
into a world where angels—good and evil—walk among us.

Durning the panel, Paul Wesley, shared how angels saved his
life right before a car crash. He woke up from a deep sleep
and felt impelled to put on his seat belt. 5 minutes later,
his friend lost control and the car rolled 8 times. He
believes that if his guardian angel had not intervened, he
would have died in the wreck.

Deepak Chopra and his son Gotham, Grant Morrison and Larry
Lieberman in their comic book series “Virgin” promoted the
idea superheroes should inspire people to evolve to the next
level of peace and spirituality. Deepak and Grant, in their
panel discussion, stated that the new generation of heroes
should exhibit the qualities of love, passion, courage,
compassion, self-lessness, emotional stablility, creativity
and intuition. They should be able to transform themselves
and others in a good way, have the power of intention and
transcend their own weaknesses.

NBC-Universal Studio is producing “Heroes,” an epic drama
that tells the stories of the lives of ordinary people who
discover they possess extraordinary abilities. Their stories
focus on important social issues like drug addiction,
fractured families and overcoming the evil that is working
to destroy our world.

The TV programs and movies like Batman, Superman, Spiderman,
the X-Men are sending a message of courage and social
responsibility. The TV, movie studios and comic artists,
writers and publishers are to be applauded in their efforts
to inspire young people to make a positive difference in
their local communities.