In Search Of Heroes Honored Gary Halbert Copywriter At His Eulogy Celebration

Enjoy the video playlist created from the videos at Gary Halbert’s Eulogy Celebration

Gary Halbert was a unique human being who experienced all the joys and sorrows of life. He lived on the extreme edge of genius and insanity and affected everyone he met.

Either you loved or hated him or both, depending on his mood. Gary was a villain and Hero to many people, often all within the span of one day, even in a matter of seconds. His wild, astounding transformations mesmerized everyone he came into contact with. Gary is the a true Hero because he exemplifies both the good and bad, the wise and idiotic and the sane and insane quality of everyone’s lives.

These videos are a tribute to Gary Halbert by the people who loved him just the way he was. They were never the same after their relationships with him because his controversial life and unique personality transported them to a universe beyond the normal…Gary Halbert’s own personal Twilight Zone. He is truly a HERO who Helped Enthusiastically Responsibly and Optimistically at moments in his life, as we all do.

It would be the height of hubris if we did not all agree that we too are Heroes and villains some of the time. The In Search Of Heroes Program was designed to honor those who help others enthusiastically, responsibly and optimistically, even if it is only once in a lifetime. The consequences of that simple act has eternal consequences we won’t know until the Final Judgment at the end of time.

Gary Halbert said, “All societies advance on the backs of their neurotics.” Gary would know since he constantly vacillated from genius to insanity. There was no stability in Gary’s later life…only the extremes of experience that fueled his incredibly effective copywriting.

As many of his friends say, “Gary’s copy was anything but boring. You either loved or hated him or both depending on his mood.”

WARNING: Some of these testimonials are as extreme as Gary’s life so listen with caution to the eulogies of those who loved and worked with him.


I did not know Gary personally but had the unique opportunity to photograph him at Bob Silber’s Seminar Island Event many years ago.

I received permission from his family to video and photo his funeral service and memorial party. You will see from the testimonials and memorial service that Gary Halbert was one of the most unique humans God ever created.

Gary’s family has permitted me to make available these videos so others will be better able to experience his greatness, genius and also his uniqueness.

Below is a letter I wrote to Gary while he was still alive and suffering from severe depression.

Dear Gary, I heard through the grapevine you could use some cheering up so here is my best effort. You are a great man, although very controversial. You are a pioneer in spreading the knowledge of the power of copywriting! You are anything but boring or mundane, a real person…not a phony-baloney, money-hungry rip-off artist.

Your work for the hurricane victims and other charitable causes is exceptional. You are a hero in my book. I created a heroes page honoring your vast contributions to humanity.

You are an inspiration to people who do not fit the common mold or follow the beaten path. You are unique and should be proud of your accomplishments. Your being yourself is a breath of fresh air. It is encouraging to many of us who are not ashamed of who we are and what we believe. The world is so sick of phonies who lie and deceive others in the name of money, power and material possessions. The world is desperate for those with integrity.

Rejoice in your uniqueness and all the great things you have accomplished and the great successes and recognition right around the corner.

I know what it feels like to be depressed and battle health problems…they have plagued me for my entire life. Little did I realize my hormone levels were screwed up from birth. My radical lifestyle just compounded the problems of depression and suicidal tendencies.

With your radical lifestyle, adrenal failure may be a huge factor in how you are feeling each day. I found the major answers to my tortured soul in the alternative medicine field. Both my wife and I were suffering form adrenal failure. 80% of Americans are in the same boat.

Dr. Michael Borkin, a pioneer in hormone research, fixed me and my wife…to our great joy and vast relief…we were not crazy after all. He is the leading hormone doctor for the big movie stars. He has personally saved their sanity and restored a level of health, vitality and sexual performance they only dreamed of.

Sincerely yours,
Ralph Zuranski

PS A simple test to discover if your adrenals are exhausted requires only a small flashlight, a mirror and dark room.  Adrenal hormones are responsible for our pupils contracting when exposed to bright lights. Just shine a penlight into your eyes. Watch your pupils contract. If they do not fully contract down and stay tight pinpoints, your adrenals be shot to hell and back.

PPS I know this works because I was there. My pupils expanded and contracted so frequently, it freaked me out. When I took the saliva hormone test, the results proved I was suffering from adrenal exhaustion stage 2 close to the catastrophic stage 3. It took a year to get better, but what a blessing now to have balanced emotions.