In Search Of Heroes Interview Of Maria and Ray DuGray Entrepreneurs Was Amazing

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Maria Ngo and Ray DuGray are the happily married hosts and producers of THE STRIP LIVE! positive television talk show based out of Las Vegas, founders of VegasNET Media LLC and creators of,, and where they showcase some of the world’s most successful and influential people including Stevie Wonder, Donald Trump, Sir Richard Branson, Joe Jonas, Tony Bennett,, The Kardashians, and even Bart Simpson – plus hundreds more.

You will usually find Ray and Maria on the red carpet, speaking at live events, or on-set like Celebrity Jeopardy!, and award shows covering the Emmy’s to the Global Media Awards. They also host and produce red carpet events for conventions, premieres, and special events.

Ray and Maria’s passion and expertise is in AUTHORITY MARKETING by using VIDEO MARKETING STRATEGIES and other authority strategies to position authors, speakers, coaches, consultants, marketers, service professionals, entertainers and entrepreneurs as leading authorities and credible experts in their industry.

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