"Spiritual beliefs have a huge impact on our levels of physical, emotional, psychological and financial health." by Ralph Zuranski

“Spiritual beliefs have a huge impact on our levels of physical, emotional, psychological and financial health.” by Ralph Zuranski

Personal spiritual beliefs seem to be more important now than ever before!
What we believe about God and our purpose here on earth are important factors in how we deal with daily events. Our personal spiritual beliefs contribute greatly to our physical and emotional health and enjoyment of life.

Crisis, trials and tribulations affect all of our lives.
After the recent events in our family, our faith and hope have been tested beyond what we ever imagined! With my mom’s pneumonia and congestive heart failure in March, my faith was stressed. In May, when my dad suffered a stroke and continues to be hospitalized because he is paralyzed on one side, my faith increased. After my harrowing trip across the desert, I wondered just how much more I could handle.

Janet’s mom’s fell Wednesday, severely breaking her arm and leg and is going through extensive surgery today.
Now we realize it is time to trust God totally. There is very little we can do to change any of the outcomes. Everything is in His capable hands. All we can do is pray and help out where needed.

Physical disease, injuries, financial failure and family problems teach us important lessons about God’s love, mercy, forgiveness and grace.
Healing in all areas of life can signify a positive transformation of our relationship with God. Doctors and psychologists still cannot explain the beneficial impact of prayer and faith. It is simply amazing how many people are praying for my family.

Health challenges for ourselves or our loved ones can do more to improve or destroy our relationship with God than just about anything!
Our battles with pain, illness, injuries, financial difficulties and family problems are all waged on emotional, physical, intellectual and spiritual levels. Our emotional roller coaster, because of what is happening to our parents, is a daily battle against depression, fear, desperation and despair.

Seeking a healthy relationship with Jesus is one of the major factors of our success in overcoming the tragedies we face.
Once we established a personal relationship with Jesus, it gave us the faith, trust and optimism necessary to have victory over all the trials and tribulations coming our way. When we could go no further on our own, we discovered the spirit of God is definitely stronger than the flesh. Through His strength anything is possible.

Our battle over the last seven years for physical, emotional and financial health and a pain-free existence has been a real challenge.
Fighting to overcome poor health, hormonal imbalances, chronic pain, severe injuries and depression was not easy. Who would have imagined a lack of faith and trust in God was robbing our strength and depleting our energy. Sometimes we felt like we were drowning in a sea of despair. I have no doubt our physical and mental health would have been only a lost memory, if not for our relationship with Jesus.

Long ago, we learned that the love of money, power, sex and self does not lead to happiness.
For many years, we turned away from our Christian upbringing. After a number of years seeking after the rewards and pleasures of the world, we discovered the truth. “There is a way that seems right to man, but the end is the way of death.”

The primary message of Jesus was LOVE.
“Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you. Bless those that curse you. Pray for those who despitefully use and persecute you. The only way to overcome is evil is with good.”

Jesus was always talking about loving your neighbor and laying your life down for a friend.
He even tells us to feed our enemy if he is hungry and give him drink if he is thirsty. The hardest thing in the world to turn your cheek, love your neighbor as yourself, consider others more valuable than yourself, give to the poor, help the sick and visit the imprisoned.

We need to become living examples of God’s mercy and compassion regardless of our faith or religious denomination.
More people like Mother Theresa and Gandhi are desperately needed in the world today. Where are the true humanitarians when we need them?

Janet and I are very thankful for the free gift of salvation.
It is not based on our works but on the personal sacrifice of Jesus Christ. It is not earned or deserved. This free gift can never be lost. Any good we do is not because we are trying to gain anything. We do good out of gratitude for what Jesus did for us.

What a sobering thought when you realize you are a sinner who deserves to pay for your sins.
We are two of the most grateful people you will ever meet. Our ability to heal and successfully deal with the current sorrows and difficulties in our lives is directly related to the power of the Holy Spirit in our lives. Once the teachings of Christ actually begin to make sense, our lives and health were gradually transformed. Until then, the bible was meaningless, a book that was far more infuriating than enlightening.

Fortunately there is hope for the future for everyone.
No matter the size of the problems now facing you and your family, there are heroes and heroines every where, willing to help for the right reasons…out of love for others.

The saviors of humanity are young people, parents, grandparents and neighbors who demonstrate true unconditional love.
They invest their time, energy and resources to help others. They are constantly working to make the world a better place, without expecting payment or even recognition. These individuals are the role models the world needs now.

To Be Continued…