"Part Four: Change the World By Teaching Young People To Discover Their Own Heroic Potential" by Ralph Zuranski

This is Part Four of the article appeared in the Coronado Eagle-Journal Newspaper on August 9, 2006

The only effective solutions to social problems are those
created by the residents who are intimately involved and
understand what is needed…community activitism. The media is
finally delivering uplifting news about good people making a
positive difference in the lives of their neighbors.

After 13 years, the “In Search Of Heroes Program” official
“Heroes-In-Training Course” will be available in September
2006 in Coronado. Some of the original visionaries have
volunteered to take program and community to the next level
of success.

After four years of interviewing over 40 of the richest and
most successful entrepreneurial heroes, Ralph discovered
that Napoleon Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich” was the one most
important book that helped them achieve their dreams. Ralph
purchased the book and read it cover to cover. He searched
for and found a “public domain” copy that he updated and
transformed into a superlearning extravaganza.

Napoleon Hill said Andrew Carnegie believed that if young
people were taught his secrets, their time in school would
be cut in half. Having a community “Master Mind” group is
the most powerful force for creating incredible success.

The eighteen week course will involve a complete reading of
the book with the help of a glorious PowerPoint presentation
using beautiful scenes from nature and physics. It will be
free and open to Coronado residents, students and their
family members. Space will be limited. Sign up instructions
will appear in the Eagle-Journal in August.

Come learn the two secrets that were never revealed in the
“Think and Grow Rich” books that are currently available on
the market. These two secrets are so mind-boggling and
earth-shattering…no wonder they were surgically removed for
the printed versions.

Humanity hangs in the balance. Come learn why spreading
“good news” and focusing on positive thoughts is more
important now than ever before. If we don’t take Napoleon
Hill’s secret advice, your dreams may never become reality.