Prayer Warriors Honor Ralph Zuranski On His 65th Birthday

What is the greatest day of your life? Mine was on my 65th Birthday when John Ames, a dedicated Prayer Warrior for many years, organized a surprise pray-in at the Planned Parenthood clinic in Bedford. When I drove into the parking lot, I rejoiced at the 36 Prayer Warriors that were there, happy to pray for all those in need of prayer…basically everyone. I was astounded so many Brothers and Sisters in the Lord from Good Shepherd Catholic Community and Saint Michael Catholic Church would sacrifice their time and change their schedules to come pray with me on my birthday.

Rick Self, John Ames, Chris Delmolino, Larry Sweat, Maura Sakovich, Jeff Wilson, Barbra Serba, Kathy Marshall, Jim Cummings and many other Prayer Warriors have been praying with me for many years for all the people driving by in the morning on their way to work from 7:30 – 8:15. Initially, we prayed the government would stop giving Planned Parenthood our tax dollars to fund their operations that include abortion as a part of their services.

However, God changed our hearts to come to love and have empathy for every person that drives by. We now pray that God will help them with the challenges they are facing.

We realized that not only are many families adversely affected by abortion, but each person is dealing with a wide-variety of financial, health, emotional and spiritual difficulties. The more we pray, the more we experience the true grief and agony Jesus feels because of the suffering of each person. Even if one person goes to Hell, the loss to God is incalculable. All the angels, saints, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, God the Father and our Blessed Mother grieve.

God has truly humbled us. Now we pray the Holy Spirit will transform each heart so they can experience the true love God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, our Blessed Mother, the angels and saints have for them. Each day we pray, we smile, wave and hold up our greatest weapon against evil, the holy Rosary. People know we are praying for them because we seek to share with them through our smiles and prayers the special love the Trinity, Blessed Mother, saints, angels and we have for each person and their family that drive by Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.