Do We Still Have Religious Freedom Or Is It Freedom From Religion?

Do we still have religious freedom in this country? Is it still protected by the First Amendment? Does the government have the right to force business owners to violate their religious beliefs?

When the government requires businesses to financially support contraception, abortion and sterilization, owners must choose to follow God’s laws or the governments.

The consequences are clear. Sometimes, people of faith are forced by institutions, governments, organizations and individuals to sacrifice everything, even their lives to be true to God’s laws.

Rape is a horrible crime committed by men against women.  Perpetrators should be prosecuted and punished by the full weight of the law. Unfortunately, too many women are raped by their husbands and boyfriends, resulting in unwanted pregnancies.

As long as our society glorifies sex, brainwashes men to see women as sexual objects and encourages parental irresponsibility, unwanted pregnancies will continue.

Abortions will never cease until society and religious institutions provide a safe haven and opportunities for pregnant women. Ideally, churches will step up to the plate and help women when there is no support from the father or families involved.

Women need a supportive environment where they learn how to take care of themselves and their children during their pregnancy. They need the opportunity to create a good life for themselves and their children through business education and skills training.

The final question is,”What should happen to the innocent life that is created as the result of a criminal act?

Is ending the life of a baby the best solution for all involved, especially if you believe in the eternal consequences of our decisions? There are thousands of infertile couples who would love to adopt a baby.

Healing from rape is a life-long process. The help and guidance of spiritual and psychological professionals is valuable when making life and death decisions.