Do You Ask For Forgiveness When You Hurt The People You Love


Woman I Love
I’ve never needed a mansion or a Cadillac…I just needed you….and neither me nor GOD especially, loves you for financial support…we just want your love, & in my case the most wonderful times of my day were the morning with hugs and the evening with “I love you ” before bed. I’m so sorry we can’t have that anymore & it makes me cry.

Prayer Warrior’s Response
They were and are for me also.

Words cannot express how much I love you and how heartbroken I am when we are upset with each other. Our love is born of suffering, sorrow and forgiveness. We both have been so wounded by so many in our lives, it is always a daily battle against Satan’s temptation to be angry and hate others.  To daily forgive and forget our own sins and those of others against us requires a lot of prayer and grace.

Forgiving myself is my greatest struggle. Often, I feel like a failure in so many areas. I constantly battle depression and feelings of  inadequacy, especially financially.

My love for you is a reflection of God’s for me. It is a spiritual love based on his sacrifice on the cross. Laying down my life for you is my greatest joy in life. Praying and going to mass and reconciliation with you is a true experience of heaven on earth.

You are the love of my life. There will never be another I love so much. You are my beloved partner for life.

Love is tough. It requires massive amounts of Grace to be willing to trust and know that those you love the most will be your greatest source of pain and sanctification in this life.

Jesus is our model for laying down our lives for others and taking up our crosses and following in His footsteps. It is my greatest joy to love you as Jesus loves us. It breaks His heart more when our hearts and lives are broken. If only we could forgive each other as fast as He does and truly forget our past sins against each other.