Defense Of “Be A Man” Video By Father Larry Richards Part 3


This is a defense of our Catholic faith that is taking place on our Catholic Brothers For Christ Youtube account where we posted the videos from the 2015 North Texas Catholic Men’s Conference. Father Larry Richards’ “Be A Man” video seems to be causing quite a bit of controversy.

25EllisDee25 response to +Catholic Brothers For Christ: its not just a few.  the vatican has been doing everything it can to downplay the extent of the pedophile problem, so don’t count on your statistics.  its just not natural to stick a bunch of men together and tell them they cant even think about sex.  bad things will happen, and history has proven that over and over.  any normal man would never choose abstinence.  any man who would has some sort of issue.   if the catholics were serious about doing the right thing, there would be no reconciliation for molesting a child.  can you yourself claim to have never had sex without telling a lie? (that includes having sex with yourself 😉

Catholic Prayer Warriors response t+25EllisDee25: The Vatican many years ago instituted the “Safe Environment Program.” Every religious and lay person involved in serving the Body Of Christ, including all the priests, is required to go through the training. Three personal references and a criminal background check are mandatory.  This has dramatically cut down on any incidences of pedophilia in the Catholic Church. 

And, yes there are still priests, bishops and clergy who are “wolves in sheeps’ clothing” that may be sinning against young boys and girls. They are predators of the worst sort who deserve to be prosecuted in civil and criminal court, as well as being disciplined by the church and excommunicated if the do not repent.
Fortunately, in the Catholic Church there is grace and forgiveness. Jesus calls all of us to have mercy on sinners, especially the worst among us. WE ALL FALL SHORT OF THE GLORY OF GOD! Many of us sin every day.
We all need forgiveness and repentance for our sins. Thankfully, we have the Sacrament of Reconciliation where all our sins, even the most grave, are forgiven if there is true repentance. Men who choose to be priests are still men who are tempted in many ways. Many are tempted by Satan and his demons to get involved in sexual sins, especially pornography, which is now on regular TV stations 24-7.

But, sexual sins are not the most prevalent.  Pride, greed for material possessions and the desire for a comfortable life top the list. The greatest sins are those of omission, not doing the things God calls them to do on a daily basis.   Why do you think Pope Francis told all the priests and bishops to stop judging and get out of their comfortable rectories and start working in the communities where sin is flourishing.

Priests and clergy are no different than any other men. However, they chose to serve God in a very special way. They receive special graces to help them remain holy. 

Most normal men, without a calling from God to be priests, are consumed by sexual thoughts and lust. Pornography, alcohol, drugs and a secular view of life fuels their total focus on seeing women as sexual objects, a desirable alternative to masturbation. 
They visualize women as victims, who are ready, willing and able to be conquered by dominant men. Why do you think there are so many broken families and single moms raising their kids alone trapped in a life of poverty? 
Most normal men are preoccupied with sowing their seeds without any consequences. They are similar to wild animals who have no sense of family…only their drive to procreate at any cost. After all, if we are all evolved from apes, we are only fulfilling our natural calling…sex for the survival of the species.

Celibacy is a gift from God that allows men to overcome sexual temptations to better serve God and the Body Of Christ. To assume that men do not have the power to resist sexual temptations in all its forms is to believe the grace given by the Holy Spirit is futile against sin.
God and the Church have a much higher opinion of the potential of men than do normal men. There is more to life than sex. It is loving and serving others. I was just asking my wife the question yesterday, “Do you thing there are more men in Hell than women?”